We’re more than Break/Fix

With Hopton Analytics, you benefit from more than just break/fix support. We’ve a range of support and managed services options to suit you.

Hopton Analytics offer a Proof of Value Approach.


We offer ad-hoc support services for BI support, providing expert assistance when you need it most. Whether you have a complex data visualization requirement or need help troubleshooting an issue, our team of certified BI specialists is here to help. With years of experience in data analytics and business intelligence, we have the skills and knowledge to provide effective solutions and support for your BI projects. From initial consultation to ongoing maintenance, we are committed to delivering top-notch support services to ensure your success with BI.


Our consultancy offers reactive support services for BI, providing fast and efficient assistance in times of need. Whether you encounter an unexpected problem or require urgent support for a critical project, our team of certified BI specialists is on hand to help. With a focus on quick resolution and minimal downtime, our reactive support services ensure that your BI solutions remain up and running, delivering valuable insights to your business. Our reactive support services are the ideal solution if you demand high performance and reliability from your BI investments.


Expert help and support when you need it

Our support team is available on hand when you need them. You can contact us via our support number +44 113 526 7031, or via our support portal.


Specialist Support

We have a range of flexible support options of short, long-term or ad-hoc Power BI support, as well as work with our clients to offer a fully managed service.

Basic Per User Support

If you’d prefer, you can opt for a more simple support mechanism whereby you pay a support fee per month per user, based upon the Power BI licenses that you have.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our customer-first strategy means your company gets its own dedicated account manager who will work with you to highlight new features, improvements, or methods we at Hopton Analytics or the industry at large now adopt.

Ongoing Consultancy & Support

How you work with our team is entirely up-to-you. Whether it’s support only, or ongoing consultancy as part of a project or a pay-as-you-go call off, we’re here to help you.

Modern Data Platform Reviews

Regularly, via our account management team, we’ll work with you to uncover areas for optimisation or potential cost savings.

How to get started

You can contact us via our support number +44 113 526 7031, or via our support portal.