Streamline Your Financial Reporting and Analysis with AI Financial Intelligence

Integrate the AI Financial Intelligence app, a cutting-edge solution that uses artificial intelligence to automate your P&L generation, tailor your financial approach, and provide instant insights and Q&A sessions.

Financial Intelligence

Streamline Your Financial Reporting and Analytics with AI.

Do you want to save time and effort on creating and updating your P&L reports? Do you want to customise your financial approach based on your specific business needs and goals? Do you want to get instant answers and insights on your financial performance and trends?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need AI Financial Intelligence for Dynamics 365 Business Central, a revolutionary app developed by Data Courage, a leading provider of AI and ML solutions for business intelligence.

Dynamics 365 Business Central AI Options

AI Financial Intelligence is a cloud-based app that integrates seamlessly with your Dynamics 365 Business Central data and uses artificial intelligence to automate your P&L generation and analysis. With AI Financial Intelligence, you can:

AI-Powered P&L Generation and Evaluation

Generate and evaluate P&L reports in seconds with AI, and get insights and recommendations to optimise your financial performance and efficiency.

Flexible and Customizable Financial Approach

Customise your financial approach with flexible templates and mappings, and align your P&L with your business goals and KPIs.

Natural Language Q&A with AI

Ask and answer any financial questions with AI, and get natural language responses and explanations.

AI Financial Intelligence is easy to use and does not require any coding or technical skills. You can access the app from any device and get real-time and interactive reports and dashboards that visualize your financial data and insights.

Take the 1st step to data-driven success.

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