BI-as-a-service Solutions // HOPTON WMS

Fulfil more orders in less time

Fulfil more orders quicker for maximising the use of your warehouse. Assign the best bins based on pick demand and turnover, increasing pick efficiency and accuracy. 

Streamlining Warehouse Management

To address today’s business challenges, firms turn to Hopton Analytics, leveraging our Power BI-based tools to fully integrate with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Delivering a comprehensive warehouse solution that offers real-time insights and precise stock location details across multiple physical warehouses.

Optimising Stock Levels and FSN Analysis

By harnessing the power of Power BI and Dynamics 365 Business Central, clients can gain the ability to make data-driven decisions regarding stock levels and ensure optimal stock placement within their warehouses. The Fast, Slow, Non-Moving (FSN) Inventory Analysis enabled them to identify the movement patterns of their stock, facilitating proactive stock management.

Unlocking Productivity & Space Utilisation

A recent study highlights the immense benefits of effective inventory control, revealing potential productivity gains of 25%, increased space utilization by 20%, and improved stock usage by 30%. Prior to partnering with Hopton Analytics, clients struggle to determine the exact locations of their FSN stock within their warehouses, resulting in guesswork-based decisions. However, with the implementation of our visual warehouse mapping tool, firms now enjoys a holistic view of stock locations and optimized stock picking.

Selecting a Warehouse
Stock Management

Realising Capital 

By leveraging Power BI for FSN Inventory Analysis, clients have experienced a significant transformation in stock management. The context-rich information and interactive warehouse maps provided by Hopton Analytics have empowered firms to proactively and effectively manage their Fast, Slow, and Non-Moving stock. As a result, capital has been released back into the business, enabling further growth and operational excellence.

Fulfilling More Orders with Optimised Warehouse Space

Through their partnership with Hopton Analytics and the implementation of Power BI-based tools, clients have successfully optimized their warehouse space and operations. With improved visibility and data-driven insights, they can now fulfil more orders in less time, enhancing their overall productivity and customer satisfaction. By unlocking the power of Power BI for warehouse management, clients have positioned themselves for continued success in the competitive industries they serve.