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Run your recruitment business with data-driven insights

Gain insight into your recruitment business like never before, with easy-to-consume, Power BI reports that help improve efficiency so you can make data-driven decisions.

Transform your understanding of your recruitment business

Recruitment is a vital function in industry today, helping organisations across the globe recruit the best talent available. Recruiting for organisations, and placing for candidates can also be a complex and challenging process, involving multiple stages, sources, and stakeholders. How do you manage such fast moving recruitment processes to ensure that they’re efficient, effective, and aligned with your recruitment business goals?

The answer is data.

Data can help you measure and improve your recruitment performance, identify and address any skills gaps or pipeline issues, and help optimise your team. But data alone is not enough. You need a powerful tool to collect, analyse, and visualise your recruitment data, and turn it into actionable insights. That’s where Power BI and Hopton Analytics come in.


Your data visualised

We know it’s not as simple as “plug and play”. You’re likely to have one of a few standard recruitment tools such as Bullhorn, Mercury, Vincere, or Zoho. But you’ll have products other than this too, such as Excel, SharePoint Lists, and other tools.

We’ll work with you to ensure that you’re solution brings together all of the right data to ensure you’ve a full 360 degree view.

Multiple Data Sources within Hopton Recruit
View vacancies, cv's, interviews, placements, number of calls and more.

Recruitment Dashboard

Our core dashboard provides an overview of your recruitment process, such as the number of vacancies, CV’s, interviews, placements, calls in and calls out, emails, and LinkedIn messages.

Hopton’s Recruit application, also includes key metrics such as pipeline, by team, by consultancy, and offers a comparison of consultant average versus individual consultants.

More than just visuals, analyse and forecast using predictive modelling

Recruitment Analysis: This report allows you to drill down into your recruitment data, and view it by different dimensions, such as source, channel, role, department, location, gender, and ethnicity. You can also compare your recruitment performance across different time periods, and see how it changes over time, even by consultant or team. 

Use predictive modelling to forecast your future recruitment needs, based on your historical data and current trends. You can also set your target hiring numbers, and see how they compare to the forecasted numbers.

Answer important questions

Hopton Recruit can help you answer questions such as:  

  • How many candidates are you attracting, and from which sources and channels?
  • How long does it take to place a candidate, and what are the factors that affect the time to hire?
  • How effective are your screening and selection methods, and how can you improve them?
  • How many placements are you losing at each stage of the process, and why?
  • What are the most profitable clients, and roles, and what success do you have in placing with these clients.

Boost your performance 

The Power BI Recruitment report set can also help you:  

  • Improve your recruitment efficiency, by reducing the cost and time per place, and increasing the quality of your engagement.
  • Improve your placement effectiveness, by increasing the offer- and acceptance-rates, and reducing the lost placements.
  • Improve your recruitment revenue, by aligning your sales strategy with your client’s business objectives, and optimising your sourcing and selection methods.
  • Improve your recruitment experience, by enhancing the candidate and hiring manager satisfaction, and building a strong employer brand.

One monthly price, fixed.

For a one-off configuration fee, plus a fixed monthly rate, you’ll be using Hopton’s Recruit applications within Power BI in days or weeks. 

Get in touch with us see a demo of the application, and get started.