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Nikola joined us from Australia, where there she worked for the Australian Government on large-scale environmental projects as an Analyst. She is a key member of our Data and BI Consultants.

What have you learned since you started working at Hopton?

Here at Hopton, I’ve learned how to apply my analytics and business intelligence skills across many industries. Previously I worked only with environmental and government data. Now I can say I have worked across industries like HR, Health, Sales, Manufacturing, IT, Business and more!

Also, in the last month, I worked towards and attained my certification as a in Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Associate!

What was it like transitioning from working in the public sector to consulting?

Consulting is dynamic and vibrant. Not just in the variety of projects, but also in the people you meet as part of your work. Hands down, my favourite part of transitioning to consulting is the focus on variety and a more dynamic work environment. Instead of working on one long-term project, I now get to work on a variety of different projects across many industries. No two days of work are the same, even on the same project. It’s fun to come to work each day and do something new, while directly seeing the impact and benefit of my work for each client.

What do you like most about remote working?

One thing about Hopton is that remote doesn’t mean distant. As a team we do a great job of checking in with each other and collaborating without needing to be physically together. Working remotely also means not needing an umbrella to get to the office when it’s bucketing outside.

“… at Hopton, remote doesn’t mean distant.”

What are your goals for the next six months?

My focus for the next 6 is to keep refining my skills in business intelligence and analytics. I love being able to take something technical and overwhelming and making it accessible to whoever the audience needs to be. I’m looking forward to expanding on my UX skills to make the end product that much better for our clients.

One of the things I’m most looking forward to is working with our new partner Pyramid Analytics and their decision intelligence platform. It’s a great piece of tech that will really expand the way we can deliver data insights to our clients, and I’m looking forward to getting technical with it.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced so far?

British slang! As an Australian I would have thought it would be similar to ours, but I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to ask for an explanation. In all seriousness, moving to a new country and culture is a challenging experience in and of itself. I’m grateful for my team at Hopton for their advice, good humour, and insider knowledge that has made the UK feel like home already.

What are some of the successes you’ve had so far?

One standout success has been working with a client on a really challenging reporting solution. Being able to work with the client to get to finished report was a success in and of itself. It is always rewarding to see the realised benefit of my work, and how each client will use their report and data to morph their business strategy in response to real findings and insights. It’s also really gratifying to receive praise from clients appreciating my hard work and communication despite the challenges of the report.

What’s your favourite thing about Hopton

Hands down, it’s the team. It’s been great working closely with Simon, Shauna, and David. I can’t say thanks enough for their warm welcome and a great first six months of many. It’s nice knowing I can show up to work each day as my authentic self, do work that I genuinely enjoy, and make a tangible difference in our client’s businesses.

Thanks Hopton for having me 😊