Demo Apps

Click on the demo apps below to view and interact with our Power BI apps, live. 

If you’d like a member of our team to talk you through using the apps, get in touch and we’ll set up a live demo.  

To work with the demo apps below, expand them by clicking on the “Expand” image to play with it full-screen.

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Hopton WMS

View the Hopton Analytics WMS solution. Use how the app can help you:

  • Fulfil more orders quicker for maximising the use of your warehouse. 
  • Assign the best bins based on pick demand and turnover. 
  • Increase pick efficiency and accuracy, reducing delays. 
  • Zero in on QA stock issues. 

Click here for our industry-specific solutions, including demo apps.

Aged Debtors App

This demo looks at aged debtors analysis for finance teams. The app delves into ageing balances, with many different drill down options to dip deep into your data.

Remove yourself from the dreaded month-end task of Excel deep driving and view the functionality of Power BI to analyse your debtor reports.


The HA Recovery Service Demo

The HA is a fictional Breakdown Recovery Service based in the United Kingdom. Some of the content is publicly available data, and some of the data is made up to aid the story and show the capability of Power BI.

Factory Floor Production Stats

This demo app focus’s on factory floor daily stand-ups. Easily view on your big screens the daily stats and targets, and show trends in production.

For floor managers, this replaces the need for manual whiteboard reporting, and allows you to focus on your people.

Click on the titles of the charts, to view large popout boxes for more detail.

Move between Today and Yesterday’s views by the top menu.

Hopton Analytics FP&A Solution

Explore the powerful capabilities of Aimplan Visiausl and Hopton’s SaaS service through various eamples showcasing the creation of different financial reporting visuals. 

Contact us to view this application including write-back from Power BI directly to databases. This makes financial reporting and visualisation a breeze. 

Housing Plot Management

View this demo to view our Housing Plot Management app. 

Adjust the results by clicking on the houses in the map, and watch the data change. 

Select a House Type, or a Build Status, to see the map change to display the plots that are relevant to the selections made. 


Seeing is believing

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