Case Study

Remous Print Cut Out the Paperwork with Power BI & Hopton Analytics



Company Name: Remous Print
Date: February 2024

Remous Print is a leading print provider in Dorset, offering a range of printing and digital print services. They have been printing for over 30 years, delivering high-quality, end-to-end solutions to their clients.

About Remous Print

Remous Print, a distinguished printing company with over 30 years of experience, operates from Dorset, UK.

Their comprehensive services span graphic design, litho printing, digital printing, large format printing, binding, mailing, warehousing, and distribution. Remous Print prioritises customer focus, ensuring timely delivery and superior quality.

Their commitment to understanding client needs sets them apart, making Remous Print and Hopton Analytics the perfect partners. 

Remous Print

Hopton Analytics are an exceptional partner for us. They understand our needs, surpass our expectations, and offer unwavering support. We’re now working with Hopton on the next phase of our BI project.

Alan Bunter

Managing Director, Remous Print

The Challenge

Remous Print is a leading print provider in Dorset, UK. It offers a range of services, including graphic design, litho printing, digital printing, large-format printing, binding, mailing, warehousing, and distribution. For over 30 years, it has been printing and delivering high-quality, end-to-end solutions to its clients.

Remous Print uses a bespoke system to manage its production data, which is essential for its operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. However, they faced some challenges in accessing and analysing their data, such as:

  • The system was complex and time-consuming, requiring manual input and multiple steps to generate reports.
  • The reports could have been more interactive and customisable, making it difficult to drill down into the data and explore different scenarios and insights.
  • The reports were not easily accessible or shareable, as they had to be printed or emailed to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Remous Print wanted to simplify and automate their production reporting process and create more engaging and informative reports that would help them monitor and improve their production performance. They also wanted to leverage the power of Power BI, a leading business intelligence platform that offers advanced data visualisation and analysis capabilities.

The Approach

Remous Print approached Hopton Analytics, a specialist in data and business intelligence solutions, to help them achieve their reporting goals.

Hopton Analytics worked closely with Remous Print to understand their data and reporting needs and designed a solution that consisted of the following steps:

  • Using Power BI, Hopton Analytics connected to the Remous Print’s system and extracted the relevant data, such as orders, jobs, materials, and costs.
  • Using Power BI, Hopton Analytics built a data model that applied various transformations and calculations to the data, such as currency conversions, aggregations, and ratios.
  • Using Power BI, Hopton Analytics created a Production Reporting Dashboard that displayed the data in various charts, tables, and cards. Interactive filters and slicers allowed users to explore the data by different dimensions, such as date, customer, product, and status.
  • Using Power BI, Hopton Analytics published the Production Reporting Dashboard to the Power BI service, where they could be accessed and shared by the authorised users via web or mobile devices or embedded into other applications, such as SharePoint or Teams.

The Results

The solution from Hopton Analytics transformed Remous Print’s operations, yielding significant advantages. Streamlined reporting allowed Remous Print to bid farewell to cumbersome systems, accessing real-time data through the Production Reporting Dashboard. Deeper data analysis empowered them to uncover hidden insights, make data-driven choices, and elevate production performance. Freed from reporting hassles, Remous Print focused on core services, collaborating seamlessly with stakeholders using the dashboard as a reliable foundation for action.