Case Study

Conspicuous Recruitment Find Their Data Match with Hopton Analytics.



Company Name: Conspicuous Recruitment
Date: August 2023

Conspicuous is a successful IT recruitment business that specialises in providing Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM talent across the UK and the US. 

About Conspicuous

Conspicuous are successful Dynamics 365 Recruitment Specialists that provide Dynamics 365 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM talent across the UK and the US.

They work with start-ups and well-established companies of all sizes ranging from a few employees to companies with more than 5,000 employees and multi-billion turnover.

Conspicuous has been helping companies and candidates find the right cultural and technical fit for a new role for over 20 years.


“Hopton Analytics did a fantastic job with our Power BI reporting pack. For us, it’s about having sight of the data to help us make key business decisions and allow the consultants to take ownership of their own metrics. Would we recommend Hopton? Absolutely, yes!”

Rob Wachman

Director, Conspicuous Recruitment

The Challenge

Conspicuous approached Hopton Analytics looking to improve upon their existing Power BI reporting tool. Their existing solution was no longer fit for purpose and posed several challenges that needed to be addressed. As a result, they were not using their reporting solution as needed.

The priorities for Conspicuous in this project were to:

  • Improve the user experience and design of the report.
  • Ensure new reports could connect to Mercury xRM system, as well as other data sources across the company.
  • Track the performance of recruitment staff at the agency against dynamic targets.
  • Streamline the existing data model and reduce unnecessary complexity.
  • Ensure that the solution is future-ready for the next phase of the project and beyond. 

Each of the priority improvement areas for the project required independent approaches.

The Approach

A UX design process was undertaken in collaboration with Conspicuous Director Rob Wachman. These meetings enabled Hopton Analytics to get a deeper understanding of their UX needs and determine the optimal way to design the report navigation and experience.

The resulting report design had improved navigation, intuitive filtering and slicing, redesigned report structure and customisations, and a brand-new design that matched the branding and experience of Conspicuous’s website.

A new and optimised FetchXML code was written to better capture data from their bespoke CRM system to ensure that missing data was captured now and into the future.

The previous power BI data queries and models were streamlined. This required doing an analysis of the existing data extraction and transformation queries and reformulating them to simplify the ETL process. This resulted in decreased data processing times, a more optimized data model, and a structure that can be reused or improved upon in the future if required without undertaking excessive development.

Using an Agile project methodology, iterative version updates were introduced regularly. This meant Conspicuous was able to experience and experiment with real-time improvements to their report, as well as be a part of the ongoing improvement and updates to the report.

The Results

In collaboration with Conspicuous, Hopton Analytics was able to revitalise and significantly improve upon Conspicuous’s previous reporting solution. The main goals of the project were achieved: to correct and update data queries and models to ensure accuracy and better performance and a complete redesign of report UX. The output is used daily by executive staff at Conspicuous and relied upon for both team performance and financial metrics across the business.


Decrease in Time to Fill


Performance improvement


reduction in time spent on report production


increase in data visibility for the team