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Conspicuous Recruitment

Conspicuous Recruitment

Industry: Recruitment

Consuming data from Recruitment Platform, Mercury plus Excel, LinkedIn, and presenting it in Power BI. The project initially focused on updating the data model and then on the redesign of the UX/UI. The result is that the data is used daily for team and financial metrics.

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Industry: Financial Services

Pyramid Analytics partnered with Empyrean Solutions, a leading financial software services provider, to address their reporting and data aggregation needs. Pyramid delivered a unified view of Empyrean’s data using Pyramid’s Embedding Capabilities.

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Nationwide Hygiene Group

Nationwide Hygiene Group

Industry: Services & Distribution 

Nationwide migrated from QlikView, SQL Reports and Excel to Power BI, and merged data from both Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC). Hopton’s approach protected and supported Nationwide’s QlikView reports during the migration to Power BI.

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PPX Consulting

PPX Finance

Industry: Finance, Business Consulting 

Leveraging NetSuite data and multiple other data sources, Hopton worked with PPX Consulting’s clients to implement Power BI, streamlining decision-making and fostering growth. The project was within budget and on-time, with full training and support.

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Remous Case Study

Remous Print

Industry: Print, Digital Print

Hopton Analytics integrated data primarily from its Legacy Production System and developed a robust Production Reporting Dashboard in Power BI. This dynamic tool empowers Remous Print with real-time insights, enabling informed decisions and enhancing overall efficiency.

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RTS Infrastructure

RTS Infrastructure

Industry: Infrastructure, Rail

Hopton implemented Power BI using data from Sage, SharePoint and Power Apps. Initially focused on operational reporting, and working with RTS, we developed a series of operational and sales reporting for the RTS Management Team and Sales team.

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Videndum Production Solution

Industry: Manufacturing 

Pyramid Analytics provided Videndum with an advanced Decision Intelligence Platform, enabling real-time insights, granular visibility, and consolidated reporting for improved data-driven decision-making and accelerated business growth.

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Volkswagen Group Ireland

Industry: Manufacturing

Pyramid Analytics equipped Volkswagen Group Ireland with a scalable Decision Intelligence Platform, transforming data analysis from reactive to strategic, streamlining reporting, and enabling quick, tailored insights for 600+ users.

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8Point8 Support

8Point8 Support

Industry: Telecoms, Distribution

Our project aim was to produce visual 2D/3D analytics of Fast, Slow, Non-Moving (FSN) inventory from the Dynamics 365 Business Central application. The result was improved stock management and boosting warehouse staff productivity by 20%.

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