A fully managed offering, BI-as-a-Service (BIaaS) is a fully managed solution from Hopton Analytics tailored to your unique requirements.

Leeds Office

Delivering world-class consultancy & support when you need it

Our dedicated team delivers business intelligence application consultancy and BI solutions to you, at a cadence that suits your needs.

Throughout our engagement, we use Microsoft Teams or Zoom to keep communication channels open with you. We don’t “block book” days or time for your project, instead, if we need your help or to talk about your project, then we’ll make sure we’re available when you are.

“At Hopton, remote doesn’t mean distant.”

Throughout our engagement, you’ll work with two primary consultants who’ll get to know your requirements thoroughly. and will work with you to deliver the reports, dashboards, and infrastructure that you need.

Where you have an urgent requirement that needs more resources, we’ll bring other members of the team in to ensure that we deliver within your timeframe.


Save money by reducing your need for expensive permanent staff. Use our experts to work faster and more efficiently.


Expand your use of data throughout your organisation, ensuring teams and departments make decisions based on data. 


Based on your business strategies, use our expertise to unearth new opportunities for revenue growth or cost savings. 


With analytics front-and-centre, have timely, accurate reporting and insights, enabling more informed decision-making. 

What’s included in our BI-as-a-Service offering


Connect to many data sources, such as databases, files, web services, APIs, etc., and transform the data into a suitable format for analysis.


Begin to use your data to build predictive models that can forecast future outcomes, such as sales, revenue, customer behaviour, etc., and make recommendations.

Data Visualisation

Create and maintain interactive dashboards and reports that display your data in various charts, graphs, maps, tables, etc., and enable users to explore and understand the data.


When your standard BI and reporting is of a high standard, we can begin to apply statistical and machine learning models to discover patterns, trends, outliers, anomalies, etc., in the data and generate insights.


Working alongside your Leadership Team, we can begin to shape your future data landscape direction, making recommendations on the platforms, solutions, and tools that we can use to add more value to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this service cost?

We work with you to understand your likely usage of the BI-as-a-Service. We’ll then agree with you what is a fair price, based upon our experience and your expected use. You pay a monthly fee regardless, so if some months you are heavy users of the service, this is fine.

How long does our agreement last?

As a minimum, our agreement will last for 12 months, although they can be set at 24 or 36 months if you wish to benefit from reduced rates. You may monthly via direct debit. We do ensure that there’s a break point early in the agreement however, to ensure this way of working suits you – see below. 

How can be sure this is right for us?

Before we agree to go ahead with a BI-as-a-Service approach, we’ll agree between us if this will suit. We’ll be open and honest here too, as if it doesn’t work for you, there’s a good chance it doesn’t work for us either. That said, we start our experience with a review and opportunity for break/cancellation after three months to ensure that it suits all of us. This will also be the opportunity for us to review whether you’re paying too much, or too little for the service.  

What if we use a more, or less, than what we agreed?

During our engagement, we have Investment Reviews every six months to ensure that you’re paying a fair price. In some cases, this might mean that we agreed to increase the rate to ensure that equity, but in some cases we will reduce the rate so that you’re not paying for what you’re not using. We’ll work this through with you though.