Lower the bar with Augmented Analytics

Pyramid’s Augmented Analytics is a cutting-edge data analytics approach that leverages machine learning and natural language processing to help business users prepare, analyse, and visualise data. It enables companies to make more informed decisions faster by automating the analysis process.

Why use Pyramid for your Augmented Analytics 

Pyramid is the #1 leader in augmented analytics according to Gartner’s 2023 Critical Capabilities report.

The Pyramid Platform automates data analysis and delivers actionable insights to give you a competitive edge, regardless of technical experience. Pyramid leverages the latest in AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to bring automated data science to the masses and surface critical data discoveries in record time.

Empower Non-technical End Users

Empower Non-technical End Users

Pyramid’s AI/ML algorithms help you make intelligent decisions quickly. With Auto Discover and Smart Insights, you can gain an in-depth understanding of your data with just a few clicks. Our algorithms surface correlations, commonalities, and anomalies and perform Pareto, categorical, and trend analysis across your data in seconds.

Seamless OpenAI Integration

Pyramid uses AI across the platform. Integrated ChatGPT generates SQL, DAX, and MDX queries and Python and R machine-learning logic. You can use natural language to build spreadsheet formulas for business modelling, generate designs for content and graphics, or use our existing NLQ engine to deliver broader insights, automate storytelling, and analyze text on enterprise data.

Seamless OpenAI Integrations
Automated Data Explanations

Automated Data Explanations

With Pyramid’s AI-driven “Explain” and “Explain the Difference” features, you can pick any data points in a visualization and get holistic insights. Pyramid will dive into the data model to understand anomalies, provide descriptive and diagnostic analysis, display data drivers, and clearly describe the reasons for underlying differences between any two data points.

Simplified Business and Decision Modelling

With Tabulate and Solve, you can easily build business and decision models with complex logic waterfalls, conditions, and decision points. It’s a simple yet powerful UI that surfaces machine-generated prescriptive analytics and decisions, answering both “what should I do” questions and “what if” simulations. 

Simplified Business and Decision Modelling
Next-Gen Data Prep

Next-Gen Data Prep

With Smart Modeling, you can automate the creation of intricate-yet-robust data models. With a few clicks, leverage heuristics to determine model relationships and forego complex data transformation or data cleansing. And, with Fill In the Blank, fill nulls and bridge gaps for time series and trend analysis in any dataset to drive accurate forecasting. 

Game-Changing NLQ Chat Bot

With Pyramid’s Chat Bot, you can build data visualisations without requiring traditional analytics and BI actions. Using natural language, you can alter visualisations, drill, dice, swap, filter, and sort data while leveraging convenient prompts derived from key elements in the data model and generating recommended queries. It’s a great way to ask the right questions without knowing the underlying data structures, hierarchies, and measures.

Game Changing NQL Chat Bot

Self-Service Data Preparation, Done Properly

Reduce Manual Workflow

Reduce hours wasted on manual data preparation by cleansing, enriching, and standardizing non-curated external data sources through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Promote Adoption

We can help you get your content up and running faster than ever. With security and workflow models automatically applied across the board, reusing objects is effortless for end-users.

Deploy Faster

When your business users have access to data, they can make more informed decisions that drive impact. Hopton, working with Pyramid Analytics, will help you achieve this. 

Elevate your data, with Hopton Analytics.